PIN™ Cell Therapy


Our Pin™ Platform combines genetically unmodified effector cells with Fc-based targeting ligands (single or multiple mAbs or Fc ligands) in a single construct that can be easily manufactured. This enables the formulation of pre-armed allogeneic or autologous cells, ensuring specific, stable, and persistent potency in an off-the-shelf format.

The benefit of the resulting drug product is that it combines the best features of cell therapy and antibody specificity. Effector cells (NK cells, macrophages, γδ T cells, …) can target specific tumor (and other) antigens via a specific Fc fragment.


Targeting ligand

Effector cells can be pre-armed with single or multiple monoclonal antibody(ies) or Fc construct(s). This pre-arming is possible through patented engineering (amino acid substitution) of the Fc portion of the ligand. This engenders strong binding to Fc receptor and virtually permanently arm cells prior to administration to patients.

This technology can be applied across full library of known therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, newly discovered monoclonal antibodies as well as Fc-based ligand constructs (peptides, antigens, receptors). This modularity offers strong opportunity to partner with pharmaceutical companies owning therapeutic ligands.

Effector cell

Any effector cell type with a natural or engineered CD16 receptor (NK, macrophages, γδ T cells, etc.) can be armed with Pin™ engineered targeting antibodies or Fc-ligands.

Each effector cell type can be armed with a wide range of single or multiple targeting ligands. Each product employing the same cell type offers substantial advantages in both manufacturing and regulatory processes.

drug product

The final drug product consists of pre-armed effector cells ready for use.

Our technology provides a regulatory-straightforward approach, ensuring consistent core drug characteristics and CMC for multiple unique products. Its modularity is extensive, enabling the rapid formulation of new cell therapy products for any identified target, utilizing an available (or created) ligand.


Our Pin™ Platform facilitates scalable manufacturing through the self-assembly process when ligands and cells are mixed.


Our Pin™ Platform allows for the efficient development and production of diverse drug products with same core drug substances, thereby enabling a simpler regulatory pathway for multiple unique products.


The Pin™ Platform is highly modular, allowing quick formulation of antibody-effector cell constructs for identified targets with available ligands.

We believe our Pin™ Platform offers enhanced potency vs classical antibody therapy, achieved through pre-arming cells for precise target-specific action, ensuring efficacy independent of patients’ immune system variability.

The  Pin™ Platform is expected to offer superior cytotoxicity with reduced toxicity compared to antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), capitalizing on the selective multi-modal cytotoxic capabilities and targeting precision of immune cells.

Additionally, our method has the potential advantages of higher modularity, scalable manufacturing, and a common regulatory pathway in contrast to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-based therapies, as it necessitates no cell modification.