CYTEA|BIO is pleased to announce the collaboration with Neurix SA

Montreux, Switzerland / Montpellier, France | May 9, 2023

Neurix SA is delighted to announce that CYTEA|BIO SAS has selected our BlastomaBrain™ platform to perform its pre-clinical validation in anticipation of its IND filing with the FDA. CYTEA is developing a novel immunotherapy approach to address an urgent unmet medical need for glioblastoma patients. Glioblastoma models developed by Neurix using patient-derived glioblastoma samples offer the opportunity to test personalised therapies for the disease.

“We are very proud of the fact that our platform has been selected for such an exciting new therapy that offers to transform the lives of patients, and provide an alternative to animal testing for an FDA IND dossier” said Neurix’s CEO Nikolay Zhukovsky.

CYTEA|BIO’s CEO, Alan Cookson said: CYTEA|BIO relishes this opportunity to employ the BlastomaBrainTM platform to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our PinTM immunotherapy treatment for GBM.  Pre-clinical platforms that offer more predictive outcomes to animal studies are an important innovation for the pharmaceutical industry.


CYTEA|BIO a biotech company developing therapeutic products by combining genetically unmodified effector cells and novel targeting ligands. The patented Pin™ platform enables practically limitless combinations of effector mechanisms and targeting ligands, building new and innovative therapies without need for drug discovery, with unrivalled efficacy, safety and economics.

About Neurix

Neurix has specialised in 3D neural cultures since 2011, which include neurospheres and its proprietary MiniBrains® (large multicellular organoids). Neurix has developed in-house differentiation protocols to obtain well-characterised 2D and 3D neural cultures from human pluripotent stem cells. The production of Neurix’s human brain 3D tissues is scalable and reproducible. Neurix provides services around human 3D models of neurodegenerative diseases as well as glioblastoma.


For more information please contact:

Lionel Brodard, CFO